What colour earrings go with green eyes and brown hair?

I got my ears pierced around 4 weeks ago, and I would like to buy some dangly earrings that will suit my hair and eye colour.

(my profile picture is 3 months old.. I now have brown hair).

if you want to include links of earrings you think would compliment me, please include them :)



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  • Well, you can look for some colour that makes your eyes and /or hair stand out.

    Purple shades make green stand out.
    Also, blue/purple shades go well for brown hair.

    The trick to know this things and that is really usefull:

    Chromatic cercles. You have to look at the color youu want to stand out, and look for its opposite. As you can see green's oppoiste is purple.

    • thank you so much! my eyes are light green with a gray rim.. so the deep purple would compliment them.. thanks!

    • Ahem! I have science on my side sooo...

    • You're welcome honey!

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  • For your skin tone, hair color and eye color I'd most definitely go for gold. =)
    You'll look great!

  • In addition to your hair and eyes, your skin tone suggests to me that gold would suit you best. That said, it's sometimes hard to tell color from a small picture.

    • Just looked at your picture on a larger screen -- where that color of blue is suiting you, I'm thinking silver may actually be your better bet, silver is good with cool colors, gold with warm. But you may get away with both, experiment :)

    • thanks! :)

  • Red is the most attractive color, it's a scientific fact actually ( www.psychologytoday.com/.../how-get-man-or-woman-attracted-color)

    Gold= fancy
    Red= attractive
    Black= neutral
    Green= animal lover
    Silver= intelligent.

    • red is pretty, but I never thought it looked good on me :/

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    • Oh, sorry it's just a lot of people use fake profile pictures (I obviously don't look like tiny tim).
      You're not pale. I would go for a red/ruby color for you. And trust me, red looks good on nearly everyone, it's a scientific fact.

    • I could see you in blue, or silver, too.

  • Get something simple. I don't like colored earrings, go with a silver one. With a nice shape and small size.

  • Gold, something simple and elegant like a stud.

  • Depends what your skin tone is

    • there's a picture of me. my skin tone has a pink undertone if that's what you mean

    • Yea that's what I mean. Stay away from warm colors. Stick with green brown silver blue purples

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