Would you date a girl who did or does playboy?

Ever since I knew what playboy was I wanted to do it. I love self expression. I wouldn't want to do it for attention just simply because I feel beautiful and showing it off is an amazing feeling to me.

and also my boyfriends mom is such a bitch one mention of it and she would freak and ask my boyfriend to break up with me...but if my bfs brothers ex girlfriend said she was my bfs mom would jump for joy! idk


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  • I am sure you are beautiful, but no offense Playboy girls are creme of the crop. It isn't easy becoming a playboy model. But no, I wouldn't. I'd sleep with one, sure. But never would date one. I wouldn't want my friends coming up to me saying like: "hey I jerked off looking at your wife before bed last night." Not my style.


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  • Luckily, the kinds of girls I'm into are usually not the kinds of girls that Playboy seeks to employ.

    So the decision is easy for me as it wouldn't happen.

  • Probably not. I don't like knowing that many other guys have been looking and wanking to my girl. She'd probably be a good one night stand thing. But as far as serious relationships go. A Playboy is not for me...


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