What is your opinion of men wearing skirts?

What do people think about men wearing skirts? Me personally thinks it's fine because the skirt is made for the male anatomy. It allows the boys to breathe. What is your opinion (please explain)?

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Me personally think that they are comfortable.


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  • I personally wouldn't mind at all, as long as the guy was in some kind of shape and GROOMED! Nothing more ridiculous than seeing a hairy ape in a skirt. Many guys have great legs, and if they shaved, then they might look rather hot in a skirt. Now , if you can only get the rest of society to go along with you, you'll be all set.

    • so totally agree with you! i get SOOOO many compliments on my legs.
      PS: you should mssg me sometime :) i think ur pretty cool. (i can't mssg you for some reason) :(

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    • Is it weird I get really turned on by the thought of being forced to wear some panties or anything feminine as punishment? I get so hard just thinking of it!

    • I know Nicholas. I'm not surprised. You'd be surprised how many other guys feel the same was you. I've met so many, myself.

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  • I understand what you're saying about skirts being made for the male anatomy. However, they are not flattering on men at all. At. All.

    • i disagree... i dont think they look bad what so ever on me. but yes on most men i could agree... just not ALL

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  • I often wear kilts which are super comfortable. Your stuff is cool in summer and warm in winter. Plus kilts are only for men (considered ancient military uniform) but if you aren't of British decent it looks weird.

  • My opinion is that they are a cross dresser aka drag queen

  • KILT'S FTW !!!