Yay or Nay to belly button piercing on a shy girl at 21 years old?

For all you TLDR's skip to the bottom.

I am 20 years old, no tattoos (never will), and only standard ears pierced.
i'm on a mission to get back in shape, I imagine it will be at least a year before I will look how I want, so I guess I would be fit at 21. (hopefully)

If you were to meet me on the street, I would be a little awkward, with wild curly hair and tall (5'7'') with a passion for nature, art, loves native American things and survival style living. and being silly. just laid back, no drama.

I'm pretty sure nobody thinks I'm slutty or a whore or whatever. I've only had 3 boyfriends in my life, and only ever been intimate with my current one right now.

After fantasizing about what a nice belly I could have, I wondered if I would look good if I pierced my navel.

Most of the time I think I would just wear the little ball ones with clear color or light purple. I wouldn't be showing my belly unless I was going swimming. I wouldn't want to show off, it's just a reward to myself for getting the belly I wanted.
and I wouldn't be wearing those slutty dangly ones.
it would be like these (and probably only these)




That was all just so you understand where I'm coming from.


To guys and girls: Do you think a belly button piercing will look stupid on someone like me? is 21 way too old to get one? why? If I took it out and left a scar, would you find that gross?
I just want to know what the world thinks of these kinds of piercings so I can stop thinking about it. Any thoughts are appreciated.

If you think natural, un-tattooed, un-pierced girls are far more attractive, then tell me why! I want to know!
Yes, you should get one (tell me why!)
No, you shouldn't (tell me why!)
Eh, It's not good or bad, it's just... there.
I have a better/ different idea (see comments)
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Yay or Nay to belly button piercing on a shy girl at 21 years old?
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