What do you think of Calvin Klein underwear for Men?

My boxers are beginning to wear down and it's time to buy new pairs.

At the same time boxers feel out of style to me. They are the loose fit kind with simple, classic designs. Amidst the dawning of "new age" fashion (which is an ever receding horizon, mind you) this classic look is blending in with grandpa's wardrobe.

Then I see this...

Calvin Klein, the symbol of sexy that serves as an invitation for lathered babes to have mini-orgasms whilst sprawled over my chiseled bod.

What do you think? Too much hype? Not very tasteful? Good? Bad? Krispy Kreme?

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  • I've never tried them but i think they are probably overhyped and overpriced just like victoria secret. They just get publicity by getting really attractive celebrities and models to pose half naked in highly suggestive advertisements.

    • Victoria's Secret is an excellent analogy. 50 cent material for $20! The greatest scam in the world! (although the numbers are out of a hat)

    • I doubt your numbers are too far off. It's all about the brand name and the "angels".
      Without models like Adriana and Candice nobody wold care about VS.

    • Forget VS go to wal-mart!! haha

  • nah not my test.. i wear briefs anyway basically

  • I've got some CK but they're not very comfortable because they are low rise cut boxers and I prefer them a bit longer...

  • They feel comfortable, and they look good.