No-Pants Party ?

Anyone have any good ideas for outfits for a no-pants party ? Don't bother suggesting skirts or dresses, the invite clearly reads:

"...just remember:





And I don't think I'm brave enough to go to a frat party wearing nothing but my skivvies.. Haha.

I see the general answer is still underwear/bikini. (Btw, the point is definitely NOT to wear something "easy and quick to remove.." lol.) I was thinking maybe an oversized men's button-down shirt with boxer briefs, but I'd like some more creative ideas.


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  • No pants or ABC party?

    you could wear a bra and underwear and then wrap yourself in caution tape

    • It's No-Pants, not ABC. Otherwise I *really* wouldn't know what to do, since the party is this Saturday, haha. But this sounds like a great idea, thanks ! (:

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  • thats asking for trouble but if you wanna go then wear striped panties and a long white t shirt or a basketball jersey. That party sounds like trouble to me though.

    • So? it's called having fun smart one.

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    • I appreciate your concern, I totally understand. I actually don't intend to go so scantily clad, I mean, it is a *frat* party. Besides, I'm in New England, and it's COLD. Haha.

    • Lol, I hate the cold ^.^

  • Go in your string top and thong bikini. It's easy and quick to remove and you'll be the hottest girl at the party.

    • Going to a party which is meant for people to be in their underwear you're going to wind up topless, nude and/or likely f***ing someone.

    • Well sure, the people who decide to go dressed in underwear definitely have that in mind, they're not stupid. But it's not an "underwear" party, it's a "no-pants" party. I could easily just wear leggings and still be in agreement with the party's dress code. I'm just looking for a bit of creativity, not necessarily sluttiness. Dressing slutty is simple. I could easily come up with a slutty outfit. But I'm not intending to "wind up topless, nude and/or likely f***ing someone."

  • Well in essence its people in their underwear so... other than that you could wear a bikini but I don't see much of a difference there.

    • Unless of course you usually wear "bikini underwear"

  • Toga?

    • That comes off easy and quick, doesn't it? She wouldn't need panties or bra under it. Just perfect for when the mood is right. :-))

    • But she chooses a beach towel instead :P

    • Haha, no, I just thought it was the most helpful answer. I think I'm gonna stick to the idea of wearing the oversized button-down shirt and boxer briefs or something. It'd be like wearing shorts, so I'd be comfortable with that.

  • wear a bra and a thong, if you have the body. one should be comfortable with their own body.

  • a vest

  • theres actually no-pants parties and ABC parties?

    had no clue lol

    • Ha, that's what I was wondering! I've gone to a panty party before, but I was allowed to wear clothes!

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  • i have tons of ideas.

    - Black Trash bag, make a sexy outfit out of it, you could also make a bag out of it and it doesn't take a lot of time

    - make an outfit using stuff, like for example ; plastic plates to make a white/ any other color weird dress.

    - fake flowers to have a nice spring spirit... with some colorfull make up!

    - flat iron that is used in the kitchen to have the space look lol with some silver make up hehe

    - mmmm oh I once did a fake wedding dress (just for fun at a bach. party ) out of toilet paper, its fun but you need to glue it or something...

    - okay this one is stupid but you would look super fun in it hehe mmmm get fake fruits and make a long hat, sexy top and skirt or something out of it...

    - paint your body with some nice glow in the dark colors...bikini underneath ofcourse!

    well these are my ideas for today, I hope it helps.

    P.S wear a bikini or undies underneath those stuff just incase something falls off haha

  • bubble wrap, caution tape, turn a a beach towel into a dress, duct tape...

    if you going with a few girl friends then buy the game twister and all of you guys can cut the board and turn it into cute dresses...

    theres tons of ideas, just use ur imagiation.

  • dark [colored or not] tights... not leggings, tights! :) if you don't know what they are, just ask... lol :) you could probably make them super cute by cutting cool patterns in them... :)

    Good luck!