How to make a skater dress less poofy? DIY (Without going to a tailors or a professional)?

I bought a really nice skater dress from misguided
Its for my summer ball and although i love it I think the skirt bit flares out too much and makes me look too bottom heavy. I bought it in a size 10 and I don't think I could go any smaller because it would be too tight on my chest. Any suggestions on how i can make the bottom bit less poofy? Will ironing it or hanging it up help?


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  • Can you post a picture of the dress. It would help with suggeestions

    • It's from Misguided and its called floral-cut-out-sweetheart-skater-dress-pink (I can't post the link for some reason) It's a bit more poofy on the skirt in real life than on the picture

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    • I wouldn't suggest ironing but steam may help the fabric relax. If you don't have a steamer you can turn the hot water on in the shower and let the steam build up then let the dress hang in there until the steam is gone

    • Yeah I was thinking after i get out the shower I could hang it up in my bathroom and close the door for a while, thanks for the advice :)