Girls, do you find long hair and/or facial hair attractive?

I've got a well groomed beard and mustache that I get compliments on all the time (mostly be girls/women), but my long head hair rarely gets any praise (mostly because my mustache is just better).

Anyway I'm starting to feel like it's admired in a "oh that's unique & looks cool, but I wouldn't date him" way instead of "oh he looks good, I wonder if he's single".

Basically I want to know:

- what makes long hair and/or a beard attractive?

- what you feel a guy needs physically & mentally to pull it off?

- how old are you & do you find long hair/beards appealing?

*photos of guys that are better looking than me (but my facial hair is better)

Girls, do you find long hair and/or facial hair attractive?

  • Short, clean cut & clean shaved is most appealing.
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  • Medium length, no longer than the ears a couple months of growth for facial hair is optional... well groomed of coarse ;-)
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  • Long, to the chin and beyond with a beard well groomed is amazing.
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  • Long but with little to no facial hair.
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  • If you're sexy, in shape and have charisma you can do whatever the hell you want.
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  • I like long hair. A lot of women will argue that as long as it's clean and fitting, they like it- but, really, it doesn't have to look soft and silky to be "clean." Many guys have a great "scruffy"/"un-manicured" look that somehow looks complete (a bit like photo #3), with hair falling in their own clumps of strands and patterns.

    It is hard to say exactly what is the ingredient for pulling long hair off, as there are so many factors, so many people, and so many individual styles. I don't think any one personality or temperament is better suited than others. There are quiet, broody types, awkward types, and confident types who manage well.

    • Agreed, too manicured looks too feminine which isn't sexy, it needs to be cut in a way where it can fall naturally and look great (it's almost a paradox - a clean unkempt). length should be determined by head/face shape and how the hair falls.

      The factors are - Density, hairline, hair-type, the way the hair falls, head/face shape, and how it's cut/length. I probably fit into all four of those at any given time.

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  • I'm a sucker for long hair!!! Guys with long hair are sooo fuckin' hot. 😍😘
    Not a huge fan of too much facial hair tho.

    • What length? - chin / shoulder / longer & beyond.

      My hair is like the guy in the 1st pic.

      My facial hair is similar to the guy in the last pic but I trim it better/differently (stubble fade on the cheeks... its elaborate but subtle) and I have curly mustache ends.

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    • Yeah but what is long in your opinion, some people confuse medium with long and others confuse short with medium... and so on.

      The last pic is absolutely medium, the first pic is the beginning stages of long.

      So anything past the chin and beyond?

    • Yup, well like the first pic and beyond

  • I actually really like longer hair on guys, and that's one thing that will make a guy stand out to me. As far as facial hair goes I am not too picky, but it must be kept clean and I don't really like long beards that are long enough to get food in them.

  • My boyfriend's hair is really thick so it always looks long (the way he has it cut) and I really like it. It's never much over his ears. As for facial hair, it's his face and he should do whatever he's comfortable with. My boyfriend shaves because he hates his mustache and his whole face itches if he doesn't shave. I'm glad he shaves because if he didn't, it'd drive us both crazy.

    • If it's around his ears it's a medium length... your boyfriend can grow facial hair at his age, impressive.

      Or is it like peach fuzz, like most boys in their teens?

    • No, it's real facial hair. Not just peach fuzz. But like I said, he doesn't let it go very long without shaving it, especially since we've been together.

  • I prefer short hair and no facial hair. But I also think that it depends if ur hair goes with your face and your look


    But it all depends on the shape of your face

    • I think my facial hair definitely accentuates my face, I just haven't found the right head hair length yet... I think the last pic is where my hair should be but I still want to continue growing it out, maybe next haircut I'll make it medium length.

    • Yeah you should just experiment with it and do what you think fits you best

      Because every girl you come across may have a different taste in it no matter what you do

  • I am instantly in love with men that look like that. literally. my wallpaper is a man with a bun and a huge square beard lol
    I'm not sure what the huge attraction is with me, but I just love long hair on guys. I love hairy guys. weird, I know.

    • My beard gives me more of triangle shape (like jax teller from the sons of anarchy). I'm moderately hairy so being clean cut would be kind of a pain in the ass, the best I could do is medium length and light facial hair if I really have to/want to.

      you should also vote to add to the consensus...

  • Short, clean cut & clean shaved is most appealing, im not a fan of facial hair hahah :)

  • Short hair and clean shaven or 5 o'clock shadow. I can't tell you a man who has a beard that I find attractive.

    A lot of men have beautiful square/triangular jaws and they shouldn't be hidden underneath "fur".

    • I think a lot of guys who have/had ugly beards is due to poor maintenance and styling.

      If a guy just lets it grow and doesn't trim or cut to his strengths than it's going to look hideous (also beard oil and mustache wax makes it so much better).

      My facial hair enhances my chin but I take care of it and trim/adjust weekly. Also if a guy had a really nice or big jaw shape I think a beard is no-no.

  • Short shaved mustaches are cool. I don't really think long and thick beards are that attractive.

  • if you want to be sexy, have a nice groomed beard, not too long, and have mediumish hair length. <3

    • I consider the 1st pic to be medium beard length and the last pic to be the end stages of medium... I also use beard oil because it just makes everything better.

  • I don't mind if a guy has a beard but I think long hair looks weird on a guy.

  • Facial hair, yes. Long hair, rarely.

    • So if the hair gets longer than the last pic then the guy starts getting unappealing?

    • Ya too long

    • Would you consider the last pic too long?

      Because that is medium length 100%, 3 inches shorter than it would be classified as short, 3 inches longer it would be the starting stages of long.