How do I convince my parents to let me get my ears pierced?

im 16 now but my 17th birthday is in one month and I've wanted to get my ears pierced since i was in 4th grade. i want to ask them to get my ears pierced for my birthday, but I've asked before and they said no, though i haven't asked recently. any tips on how to get them to say yes.
also how was your day

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Ear piercing is over rated. What's so great about it. ?

    • I've liked jewelry since i was in like fourth grade. im actually going to admit that i used to wear all of my moms stuff for three years and i have four necklaces and am going to get a fifth.

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    • thanks for your advice. have i nice night

    • You too. ! And good luck.

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What Girls Said 5

  • Ask for one good reason why you can't get your ears pierced. Say it's your body and you've always wanted this - if it's ugly, you can hide it with your hair or let the holes grow back. This is the only thing you wish for on your birthday and you would love them so much if they'd let you have it done.
    And again, it's your body; you should get to make the decisions, not them
    (and honestly, what's the big deal? It's just your ears, it's not like you're going to ruin your entire future by getting it done)

  • Whoa it took me a couple years to get mines my mom wouldn't let me. Or just try to convince them. Just keep on asking them. My day was okay thanks for asking.

  • Well, you only have one more year until you don't need their permission : D

  • Why do you want them pierced, because others do? Not a good nor valid reason

    • i didn't meet another boy with their ears peirced until 9th grade and I've wanted earrings since fourth so that is obviously not my reason. i like jewelry and always have and all i want is to wear it. what is so wrong with that. i really dont need to go with the crowd because i dont want to be be a carboard cut out of a stereotype black teenager, but i can and should be allowed to be john francis liam kurda that is my reason

  • Tell your parents that it's your body and if you want your ears pierced then you should be able to.


What Guys Said 3

  • I was the same way. I was dying to get my ears pierced when I was younger. I lover the style. Unfortunately I don't have good advice to give you but you can try asking again. are your parents the type who will let you do it when your 18 or do they say no as long as your undertheir roof?

    • i dont really know. the only thing i got out of the last time was my dad was angry and my mom told me dont do that. but one other time my mom said it was okay with her if it was okay with my dad. so I don't know

  • Thats cray considering it's just your ears your piercing lol lay out the pros and cons or raise a debate or a union lmao go on strike? My sis got her's done in Middle school so i don't see why they won't let you D: best of luck to you!!!

  • Good luck getting mom and dad to sign off on that