Girls, how much does a thong crawl up your ass during a squat?

Also curious about this. When you do a squat to pick something up or at the gym, how much does it crawl up your ass?

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  • A decent amount
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  • A lot
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  • You definitely notice and pull it out once upright
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  • Depends on the thong
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  • ... thongs dont crawl. theyre already up ur ass to begin with.

    • I'm just curious how a girl ever gets used to that. Is that why girls choose the thongs with the least amount of fabric?

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  • Who the hell wears thongs to the gym?

    • what do you wear then? something has to be under the yoga capris...

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    • Yeah and you sweat more when wearing briefs or knickers. I used to wear briefs and knickers but quickly changed to wearing thongs in the gym because of that reason.

    • @julyandrews what percentage of girls would you say wear thongs to the gym?

  • Put one on and try it out for yourself. You don't need to ask the ladies about it.

  • Vote A = Barely any butt. Barely any crawling :P

    • so do you have trouble with a good fitting bikini bottom?

    • Ed Hardy solves that problem often as I only wear his bikinis in swim centres because thongs aren't allowed.
      On surf coast beaches Im always topless in a thong.

  • It's kinda already there..

  • No one i know wears thongs to the gym.

    • really then what do the ladies wear under the yoga pants?

    • i dont know anyone who wears yoga pants to the gym. Yoga pants are for comfort or just chilling. They're too loose to work out in.