6 beers - how would it affect a guy?

A guy I'm interested in had a 6 pack of Heineken. He's 5'9" / 140 something lbs, super skinny (foreign haha).

I think he usually has a beer or 2 at home at night. Don't know if every night but maybe a couple times a week at least as far as tolerance. Definitely social drinks normally.

How tipsy/drunk would he have been, scale of 1 to 10.

1 being lightly buzzed and fully functioning, 10 being trashed.

He said he thought he was speaking slower with me but he seemed normal.



Also, they didn't seem like mini beers but they seemed a tad smaller than a beer bottle with the super long necks...

Maybe it was normal beers bottles but anyways...extra info
Okay, my dad says all the beer bottles are smallish beer bottles so just ignore the size thing lol.
Was on his 6th beer at the 3rd hour.
He's 30 years old.
THIS WAS AT A PARTY! Sorry, should have said. Not at home by himself lol.


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  • Someone that "athletic" + skinny. It wouldn't take much at all, infact 6 beers within 3 hours would bring him to a 3-5 range on your scale. If he added in a few more within that time it would exponentially increase. This is my mere opinion on how drunk he was, but I believe he was around a 3.5-4 based on the ammount of beer bottles, the idea of the bottle size, and his weight.

    There are several other factors to consider as well:

    1) Did he eat before drinking?

    2) Did he drink any water or other beverages?

    3) Did he recently do anything to increase his BPM (Heartbeat)? (Ex. Jogging)

    4) Was he warm or cold, etc

    With each variance in the situation - comes a different rate on this "1-10" scale.

    Factors of why he didn't seem that drunk could be:

    1) Cold showers

    2) Coffee

    3) Nervousness


    - Anything to increase how "alert he was" without actually sobering him up.

    I hope the information helps,

    Best regards,


    • Thanks for the best answer ^_^

      3) "Getting Nervouse" + BPM

      - When a person is intoxicated and their BPM (heartbeat) increases; studies have found that individuals would feel the effects of alcohol a lot more when their BPM increased. This specifically applies to being nervous, or having a part of adrenaline because of a fight, or otherwise.

      Similarly, when they have a significant drop in BPM (being relaxed) they will feel the same way as if they increased their BPM while being intoxicated

    • Oh funny, I thought it meant the opposite. That because he is the nervous type it counter affected the effect of the alcohol. But that doesn't make sense as alcohol is initially an 'upper' . duh.

      u rock, kick ass in nursing school!!!

    • Haha thank you very much, you've made me smile today with the compliment and comment

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  • For me it wouldn't do much at all unless I chugged them all within a few minutes but I'm quite a bit bigger than him so hard to say.

    • Agreed Lol +1

    • He had a white russian as well.

      Thanks for your input guys!! He prob ate beforehand.

      Really interesting about the 3) nervousness. He is the type to get nervous versus not.

  • No matter what the quantity of booze, he's acting alcoholically.

    The kindest thing you can do is get out. He needs to hit bottom. Then he can start looking up.

    It's the old story of denial.

    AA is full of them. He needs to go. But he can't be pushed.

    After a six-pack, he'd be about an 8. Almost trashed.

    You'd _never_ guess how I know all this about alcohol. :-)

    Much luck to you,


    • Sorry Ted, I didn't specify this was at a party. I'm not a drinker, was just trying to ascertain his state of mind and drinking habits.

    • 6 Beers is hardly acting "alcoholically". Is your vision blurred from booze?

  • After six beers in three hours, he would probably have been LOADED.

    That's like four whole gallons of beer!

    What is this guy, some kind of drunken lunatic? He sounds INSANE!

    I would sever all ties with him immediately.

    You never know when somebody like this could just snap and burn down your house or something.

    Thank goodness I have the strength of the Lord in my soul to prevent my spirit from wandering astray amidst all the sin in the world today.



  • That's about 4 pints. Pint an hour with some tolerance.

    I'd say merry, maybe just into tipsy.

  • Personally I would be around a 2 or 3 after 3 hours...


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  • Assuming he's an adult I doubt there would be much difference at all. Six beers isn't really that much. I can drink six beers and be fine and I'm a small girl. Men also have a higher tolerance for alcohol in general. So I would assume six beers would have put him at a 2-3? I'm just curious why you are so concerned with his drinking though, lol.

    • Thank you for the girl input!! That's so funny I wouldn't have thought that at all, that a girl would be fine.

      I think because I've never liked a guy who would have had 6 beers in a night. I would not want to be 'connecting' with a guy and for him to be affected falsely, I want him to normal/not tipsy as far as assessing our true chemistry.

    • Ahh, true enough. :) Yeah, I wouldn't be too concerned about six beers. Truly he might feel a little 'braver' but I seriously doubt that would be enough to make him behave in a way where he's just feeding you lines or whatever. Well, unless he's like that normally, heh... let's hope not. ^.^