Cute/sexy bowling outfit ideas?

Well doesn't necessarily have to be 'sexy' I just need ideas on what I can wear and look fly at the same time while bowling lol..any sensible idea would be great..please don't post those pointless comments. thanks :) oh by the way it's going to be very cold.


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  • Can't go wrong with nice fitting skinny jeans and a low cut v-neck shirt. Wear a hoodie and either keep it open or zip it up only half way. Dress it up with whatever accessories you feel express you. But don't be too flashy. You're just bowling, afterall. You don't want to look like you're stepping out to the club. Also, wear your hair down.

    Have fun!

  • what RobotsWillEatUs said, but don't forget to wear cool socks! And a belt because you're going to be bending over and possibly your shirt will lift... and a belt is always fun. also, make sure that when you bend over you don't expose what you don't want to be exposed (duct tape anyone?: link ) lolz

    have fuuun!