Why are there no thick girls on the runways if fashion is all about trending culture?

It is Obvious to the entire world now that skeletores are not attractive. if fashion is about what the Consumers want then why are they still aiming for bony girls. Everyone including white people wants to be curvy and vouluptours ( thick women have always been popular in the black community, and now the rest if the world is hoping on) . its crazy how the fashion Industry hops on every other train but the thick girl train. Thick girls should be on tom ford, fendi, vera Wang runways. And they should be on runways without anyone calling them fat, overweight, or plus size. It seems like the only people who find bony girls attractive are white homosexual men. (Not homophobic)

Why are there no thick girls on the runways if fashion is all about trending culture.?


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  • Because fashion shows are about showing off the designers ridiculous designs and skinny girls show off the clothes better. Fashion models are essentially walking clothes hangers chosen by gay men.

    • This is 100% true! The gay fashion designers want women who are thin like hangers because it emphasizes the clothes.. their intent is not to emphases the women. Plus they tend to prefer women who look like teen boys.

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  • that bottom right one looks so photoshopped.

  • Because it is unattractive and makes the clothes look bad.

    • Skeletors are unattractive. thin girls are unattractive. bony girls are unattractive. healthy athletic and toned females are very much attractive.

    • I agree that athletic and toned women and women that are just plain healthy are the most attractive. But fat doesn't look good in clothing. I often wonder why they dont use models in better shape. Swimsuit models are.

    • Well I can that overweight girls are unattractive and unhealthy

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