Guys, Would applying eyeliner to just the top eyelid be toouch make up for a guy?

I don't wear foundation, or use color for my eyelids.

I do however use eyeliner to just the top of my eyelid (instead of top and bottom), curl my eyelashes with an eyelash curler (don't use mascara) and that's it.

Would that be too much makeup? Not me but pretty much how it looks except this girl has mascara on her lashes

  • Not too much, can barely tell
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  • I can tell but its not too much
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  • It's alright
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  • It's too much
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  • I like you don't use make up
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  • You know... guys don't really know anything about this shit, nor do we care.


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  • I chose A I don't think many guys would be able to tell