Girls, I want to fill in my eyebrows like this girl?

girls, i want to fill in my eyebrows like this girl, i have also black natural eyebrows, i do not know what pencil to use, etc, please help me!

Girls, i want to fill in my eyebrows like this girl?


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  • u can if u like. it looks a little overdrawn to me but if u want a more subtle look id recommend a black matte eyeshadow. any will do.

  • Nyx has eyebrow pencil or gel and use an angled brush to draw your arches points and lines but not at the middle using a fade affect gently work the product in finally use a spooly to blend girl!

  • this is one of those common issues where girls think it looks amazing and guys think that it looks more like this:

    It's not a good look... but if you must do it I recommend getting a proper brow kit.

    • yesss i feel you, boys dont like it because they think it look unnatural
      but in my view it looks nice!!!

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    • do u think that girl from the photo has ugly eyebrows? :D

    • they are off centre (if you look carefully) and the shape is wrong for her face. I have actually studied beauty therapy so I know my stuff on this... also if you look, her left one has more curve than her right and so they are making her pull some sort of Rock style eyebrow... They are too thick and instead of the square finish, if you see the natural shape of her right brow through the makeup, she has a lovely natural shape...

      I dont think anyone or anything is ugly as its a harsh word but do I think her eyebrows make her less attractive? Definitely. She is a pretty girl naturally. I wouldn't have lined her bottom lip so heavily either as its thrown what were fairly perfectly balanced lips off...