Why am I attracting so many guys, without even trying? Please help, I am so confused?

This is NOT to brag, I actually am just really confused, and do not know how to change my behaviour (even though I do not know what I should change)

Okay, so the deal is, that I in some strange way am attracting guys all the time.
I am not thin, nor fat, I am a little overweight, tall, and people tell me a lot that I look like a famous victorias secret model (My face).
Whenever I get a guy friend, they somehow end up falling in love with me, even though I in no way act interested or anything.
It is so bad, that even my sisters exboyfriend has flirted with me.
Guys come up to me, and act all flirty.
I am a very anxious, shy person with VERY low self esteem. I've been bullied for 9 years of my life (I'm 17), and have got three different forms of anxiety, and panic dissorder.
When I am drunk I do have a very bubbly personality, I laugh all the time (not like a HAHA laugh, but more of a giggling way of laughing), I smile a lot, talk to people, act friendly, and I gues I look confident and happy.
It's the same thing when you get to know me.
I am being completely honest, so that you understand my situation, and NOT to get attention, symphaty or to brag, and I am very sorry if I somehow offended anyone.
So, why would you think that guys get attracted to me, even if I am not drunk?
For an example, on Friday night I was out with some friends on a club, and this guy walked straight up to me, made a magic trick, asked for my name and said that I had to kiss him to get his name. The confusing thing is, that girls that look WAY better than me were standing right next to me. Thin, pretty and popular girls.
I always dress pretty simple (black leggings, turtleneck top, black hoodie) and have very natural looking makeup on (a little foundation, mascara and fill in my eyebrows a little)
So... Guys (and girls?) What is going on?
As I said before, NOT to brag or for attention. Thank you a lot :)
It's just sad because I Can't have normal guy friends, that just want to be friends...

Why am I attracting so many guys, without even trying? Please help, I am so confused?
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