Why do so many guys love girls with big butts?

i just dont see it as seems to be 90% of guys love so called curvy when to me there just being nice about their weight aren't they only curvy due to fat and love handles along with the term thick i believe its only a nice alternative way of calling a girl obese. Hate on me all you like but im attracted to what seems to be the far less popular body type of the petite fit chicks with a SMALL FIT butt. NOT skinny or bony butts but no muscular girls either. with or without thigh gap tho i prefer it. Because to me what catches my eye on a girl before i get to know their personality those features catch my attention. Because a girl that strives to stay healthy and thin and loves to be active is someone I want to be with and not a girl who is chubby or doesn't care to take care of themselves. Thus one of my best friends she thinks big butts are disgusting and she's the type i like and she brought up a REALLY good point to girls with big butts is that just wait till they get old its gonna be sagging and hanging down all gross like bleh xP.
Even a girl that IS petite and fit, healthy, thin, and with or without a thigh gap but yet still has a big butt even though it is smooth and toned like the bubble butts from the girls that do squats all the time for a big bubble butt I STILL dont care for it. I dont know why other guys like me aren't very attracted to The FIT Much Smaller butts that are not boney or flat but just perfectly sized with their petite body type?
Why do so many guys love girls with big butts? Im sorry but i hate big butts its a turn off to me and love small fit butts.?
Why do so many guys love girls with big butts?
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