Boys (and girls) why does it seem like only weird guys like me?

Not to sound like I think I'm better than everyone or judgmental, I've dated plenty of guys that were known much more for their personality than looks, but it seems like the majority of guys that like me or ask me out are the "weird" guys in school or guys I have NEVER talked to before. I don't not date them because they're known as "weird", but I'm not attracted to them. I have nothing in common with them either. With most of them, I don't even know they like me until someone is giggling and telling me that the weird kid in the class likes me. This is happened almost every year of school. Out of all of my friends, I was the one that ALWAYS attracted the weird guys.

I'm trying to word this best I can without sounding mean, but this confuses me. It seems people I've never talked to or guys with really low social skills are like 90 percent of the boys that like me.

I'm eighteen, and there's only been two occasions where I liked a guy that liked me back. (That I know of)

Not to sound conceited, but to add more detail about myself: I'm smart and creative, I've been told I'm beautiful all my life, I'm funny, I'm average height and slim, I dress well, and I have a variety of friends.

This sounds really bad, but I can't think of another way to word it... Why do these boys think they have a chance with me? And why doesn't anyone I'm interested in, interested in me?

I rarely go on Facebook, because every time I do, I get chats from boys I've never talked to or even noticed in my class. I get hit on by them in my messages, as well.

I'm just really confused. I'm just as friendly, funny, and attractive as girls who get the "cool" guys or the guys they want, at least.

Sometimes, I think it's because I'm too nice. I treat everyone well, despite their social status. It's how I was raised, and I don't feel right making fun of people, especially people who haven't done anything wrong to me.

I thought maybe my kindness could be a reason why, but then there are "weird" guys I've NEVER talked to before, had any classes with, and didn't even know they knew me. What bothers me most is that, if I never talk to them or they don't know me at all, how is it even possible for them to like me?

Guys...Any help? And girls, if you have a similar experience it'd be great to share.
Boys (and girls) why does it seem like only weird guys like me?
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