What lipstick color can I wear if I am pale like a ghost?

If it is too bright then I look rare and If I wear a not so bright one then I look even more pale.
So what should I do?


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  • My skin tone is pretty much like porcelain (ironically that's even what my make up tone is called 😅) and I actually really love wearing a bright, but matte, red - I love how it's in such a contrast with my skin and makes me look so lively haha nude colours are also great sometimes but really I've found that almost anything goes pretty well with my skin, it might depend a little on your overall make-up, like what you want to draw most attention to, your eye- and hair colour as well though. :)

    • PS. The YSL rouge pur couture or Marc Jacobs lipsticks have worked amazingly well for me

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