Did my hair stylist hit on me or was she just cutting my hair expecting a good tip?

I recently got my hair cut and went to a new place. Had never met the hair stylist but she started joking around with me and we were both sarcastic with each other right off the bat. The entire time we struck up a conversation about life, work, love, etc. She also told me about how she had the laser procedure done to remove the hair from her entire body. Does this mean that she was interested or just being flirtatious, or just trying to get a better tip. Please help. Thanks


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  • Bartenders, waitresses, and hairstylists all depend on tips to bring in any appreciable amount of income. Add that in with the fact that their job is pretty boring, and that as girls they probably like the attention (yes, generalizing). And it results in them flirting with everyone that walks through the door. I wouldn't take it very seriously unless she was really laying it on really heavy and really personal.

    Or you could try leaving a terrible tip and see if she still schmoozes you up next time. Haha.

    • Make sure to flirt with her a lot before leaving no tip, that will really up the ante.

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  • Successful stylists work hard to establish a fast personal rapport with their clients, so that when you make your next appointment, you ask for them. And of course everybody wants good tips, which you tend to get when you're attractive and personable in a way that's relevant to the client - that's the service industry. She could be working, she could like you, or she could just be exceptionally friendly.

    I suppose you'll never know unless you ask.

  • She was probably just being outgoing. I don't know if she was hitting on you because if she was I would think after all that talking she would say something like "We should hang out sometime" and/or make some attempt for your number.


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  • Shes just doing her job its just like when a stripper sits on your lap it doesn't mean anything, unless she asked you for your number or something then consider it just small talk to pass the time.


    I got some female friends in that business. Tip is huge part of the income