Why the most attractive people can't be faithful and happy?

you hear in the media, in the news and in history, the tall masculine looking men with lots of hair on their heads are always divorcing, always breaking up...

same as women, doesn't matter how old is she or how many children her children have, if men still flirting with her and finding her attractive she is going to break up or get a divorce, then she is only going to be screwed up from the inside, her whole life...

why do you think you're too much for your lover only because others find you pretty? I don't get the point, why some people don't admire the beauty of real love?


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  • Happiness comes from within yourself. I don't think it's the fault of "Attractive" people or other non-attractive people; it's about if a person can feel the attraction of the relationship.

    If you're going to either extreme (Being lazy or Being "The-nice-guy") then you're risking yourself and your spouse for failure. Just be yourself, there is nothing to gaurantee or prove why people get divorces or why they even got together to begin with! If there wasn't this risk- there wouldn't be attraction. That feeling of "risk" that's associated to nervousness among other feelings, is what brings attraction out in the open.

    So if you want to keep your spouse- just be yourself, there is nothing else you need to be.

    Best regards,


    • I don't have a spouse, yet. Can't find a super classy failthful one.

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    • Me and my best friend exactly- your very wise for your years.

    • Your input has enriched my question's page, thanks buddy.

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  • Hollywood marriages and marriages of the elite are never long lasting for the most part simply because they have more temptations than the average joe.

    • It's not only about hollywood, it could be the next door neighbor or an ex, or even someone you met online. Stars don't really bother me, what percentage of the population they form anyways.

    • No one I know is divorced. All of my parents' friends' are still married after 20+ years. And they're not by any means ugly. They're very successful, wealthy people.

      The media doesn't show successful marriages all that much because it doesn't make an interesting story. They only show messy divorces.

      I know that stats show a very high divorce rate in this country, but in my life, I don't see it

    • It could be something more associated with europe than america, it has to do with morals and social accepted standards in certain countries. In europe, relationships are not respected as much, it can't be serious no matter how much is spent on it, that's why they ditch the word "marriage" from their everydays dictionary.

  • well... most of the time people just like having the feeling of getting a good looking man or girl just because they can ... I guess there's a thrill to it but yea ... that's y most of the time people break up or divorce because they let temptation get to them lol but yea there's people that do beleive in true love =)

  • Because looks aren't as important as people seem to think it is. Some of the most happy, loving couples I've known may not ever be on the cover of magazines or win any beauty contests. Perhaps some less attractive people learn early on that they can't focus so much on looks and put outer beauty on a pedestal. They look at things like honesty, trust, and love that goes beyond how hot you are and that's what makes a relationship last


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  • Social psychology says that we ascribe positive personality traits to more attractive or "beautiful" people. Of course, that's b.s. A person's physical appearance doesn't usually speak to their character--that's especially goes for physical features we have no control over. So these "beautiful" people making a wreck of their love lives might have serious personality problems, or might be blinded to serious compatibility issues in their relationships. They're blinded by each other's outward attractiveness.

    But the smart people, successful in their love lives, are willing to dig deeper, realize that physical appearance can be deceitful, and examine and develop their personalities and mindsets so that they can share things with, not take things from, their partners.

  • Society, or rather the media, has a stigma against marriage. It's more of a cell rather than something worthwhile. Men are taught to go out there and be with many women at an early age. Usually by peer pressure. Then there's the constant selfish ego that everyone seems to have these days. "I can do better".

    • "I can do better" just like a boyfriend or a man is a trend, once she gets what she wants at a certain stage of her life, he is out of style, he needs to be replaced by something more fitting with the time-being. I don't honestly think that men are associated with that saying as much as women are, females are the ones who are always wondering wether if he is good enough or not, wether if there are better things for her that she isn't seeing.

    • On the contrary- why do women constantly post questions or come and vent to their "nice-guy" friends about their boyfriend not being happy and sleeping with someone else. It's an exact match to your question; though I see what your saying. Men putforth a lot of effort to "prove" themselves for women, that aren't actually seeking the attention. It's a double edged razor blade. One side is that things work, the other side is dull and basically- things don't work.

      That's why men take the risks.

    • Yeah, they're messing around but they're not happy, even if they were studs this is so real. But sluts are always happy!

  • b/c they are usually undisciplined, weak-minded, and full of sh*t.

  • because those people are only beautiful on the outside. they have no soul or commitment to anything. yeah their faces are pretty and all, but most of their heads are filled with hot air and money. that's what fame/beauty does to people.(I'm not saying all, but for the most part)

  • My instinct to have sex is innate and the desire to have sex with different women has always been there. I’m married and I’m allowed extra marital sex, yet my wife remains my only relationship. Every girl before her that tried to restrain me to her and only her got left and cheated on. The reason I think us attractive people have this behavior is because we just have more options than below average looking people. The average guy’s best option is probably sticking to his average girl because his chances of getting something better would most likely be met with failure. Plus it would be a double bummer for him if his current woman left him because she was a good catch and probably the best he could do. He might not be able to roll out in a dress shirt and pick up mutiple women in one night like me.

    • Hmm... I would like to know why do you classify yourself as above average while all the rest are the average... and what is the above average girl for you?

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    • On the contrary, I could argue that enjoying sex is the human animal?s natural and innate behavior that has been subdued by Judeo-Christian values; therefore the act of being monogamous was the sexual revolution that of which is becoming a little less en vogue in our modern free will having societies. Yeah but I?m just going to just re-ratify the fact that it is a personal opinion.

    • I do think it's very distasteful to agree to the terms of monogamy with a significant other and then betray trust by going back on one's word such as cheaters and so called players do. Deception should not be used because it robs the deceived of their free will and having free will for all is key to anything that does not follow a pre-determined dogmatic system of right and wrong such as law, whether it comes from religion or any other form of government. A contract is a contract.