What should I wear to my boyfriend's family reunion?

I'm invited to 2 of his family reunions (One is his mom's family, the other his dad's as they're divorced). I have no idea if they're conservative or not (I'm guessing not cause my boyfriend was concieved before his parents got married) and one of the reunions is at a Chinese restaurant. (GG cause I'm indian and I have no idea how to properly use chopsticks.) Normally my fashion sense is very laid back (shorts/jeans and tee with slippers/converse) but obviously I can't wear laid back stuff for the dinners. I was thinking of wearing a sleeveless white lace shirt and a black skater skirt with a black crop jacket and black ballet flats for the one at the restaurant but I don't know if that's okay and I don't know what to wear for the other reunion. My fashion sucks, someone save me.

Guys if you invited your girlfriend to dinner with your family, what would you expect them to wear?

what would you expect *her to wear?


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  • Just before you arrive, shove a cigarette up each nostril, and when he introduces you to his grandfather, pluck one of em out and light it up.

    • well im actually asthmatic so I would get an asthma attack before his grandfather could even react o. o

    • Well, then I guess we'll just let it slide! ; - )

  • I would expect her to wear anything she wants as long as its not to revealing


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