How much money should I put aside for a clothes shopping spree?

I haven't updated my wardrobe in years and I want something new.
Keep in mind that I'm a guy and I'm from Canada.


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  • Well, it really depends on what stores you plan on shopping at and what you can realistically afford. How much of your wardrobe are you looking at replacing? What items are you desperately needing?

    If you just need a few key things, like a few shirts, a pair of pants, maybe some shoes. Maybe $200. But if you need a lot of things, then maybe more. If you need big items like a new jacket and some nice shoes, then factor that in as well (a pair of shoes could cost 100 bucks).

    Keep in mind you don't have to spend a lot. I shop thrift stores and they are sometimes a great place to find some good items. Tons of brand names and often times they are still in pretty good condition too!

    Shop clearance racks first, because sometimes you can find items that will work in the current season in there. Even basics sometimes go on sale, like plain t-shirts, and they will be half the cost of the ones sitting at the front of the store.

    Or even going to cheaper stores like Wal-mart for basics. They have basic t-shirts at walmart for like 5 bucks. Buy like 4 of those, and you can layer them with nicer sweaters from good stores, and keep some money for some other items.

    Keep an eye out for good sales too, places like Old Navy have sales each week. If you buy items that they have on special, you are bound to get pretty good deals. Old Navy also has a really great clearance section. They always have tons of stuff there.

    Stores like Urban Behaviour also have lots of good basic items at a low cost. Even H&M has some good stuff in their clearance section. Not really sure what stores you like to shop at, but I am currently upgrading my wardrobe and it sometimes takes time.

    It's fine to splurge, but for more season specific items (like a winter jacket, if you are looking for one) needs to be bought closer to the winter. They may have some out now, but the selection will be quite limited by now.

    Anyway, good luck with the shopping! Hopefully this helps! :)

    • I'm thinking of getting around 10 pieces of clothing. I'm good for shoes, so just pants and shirts.

      Thrift stores can have some good finds, perhaps I'll take a look through one or two.
      I know that at Sports Chek the average piece of clothing is like $80.
      I'm kind of tired of Walmart, I want something better/different this time.
      One thing that annoys me is when some stores focus mostly on women's clothing and only have like a small corner of the store for men's >.<

      I don't really have anything specific in mind though. Just whatever looks and fits good.

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  • All depends on where you plan on shopping, and what you plan on shopping for. Just pick an amount you're comfortable with and go with it. You can always save up more and shop again later.

  • $1000 or is that too much?

    • If I get 10 pieces of clothing, and average $100 each, then that sounds about right. It is a bit much but I want good clothes; I suppose I could just get fewer pieces of clothing.

    • For good clothes, you have to spend good money but I've found cheaper things for girls that you can get for 500 or under. I do find men's wear very expensive tho so thats why I said 1000.

  • Oh like 800!

    • I was thinking maybe 500. Perhaps I should wait a little while longer to save up more money - 800 sounds like a better estimate.

    • Yeah! lol

  • We are both in the same boat. Except I'm not a guy. Or from Canada.


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