what do guys think of girls who look generally sad. I tend to look sad and thoughtful. people have come up to me saying "oh, are you ok? you look sad." to which I have to reassure them in not.

what would guys think of this? unattractive to be looking the opposite of optimistic, maybe come off as unfriendly?

please give me your opinion.


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  • Personally I find such traits attractive, however I usually favor true/genuine sadness and or problems... that may sound wrong to most people reading this, but let me explain, I enjoy those sorts of things in women, because I take great joy in cheering others up, motivating people, and helping others through problems.

    • So its unattrative that I have no actual problem to resolve? if I'm hearing you right. though I can understant your reasoning. thanks.

    • No, in fact I know I'm not the only guy who'd also see sad features as cute, most guys feel a certain kind of "need" to cheer women up... just like most women like feeling that sort of emotional security with a guy.

    • That makes sense.

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  • that happens to me a lot to. my face when I'm expressionless or concentrating, or just spacing out, looks sad (or so I've been told). I don't think its affected my relationships with people, I have wonderful friends and a wonderful boyfriend who know me and know that I am generally a happy person. so it hasn't been aproblem for me and it doesn't bother them.

  • Why do you tend to look sad and thoughtful a lot? You shouldn't really be that morbid and morose at such a young age.

    You should be optimistic, young, lively and full of spirit!

    But I would tend to think that guys who see you in your 'generally sad' and 'thoughtful state' would think of you as a depressed, unapproachable, unfriendly, emotional girl. And you probably don't want to be associated with that persona, look at your username - sunshine2!

    Try to appear more friendly and happy. Don't look thoughtful. Look happy and friendly, light and bubbly. Even ditzy would be better than sad.

    Good luck.

    • Wouldn't this be disrepectful to myself by rejected how I am and putting on a 'fake' persona? personally, I find bubbly optimistic girls annoying and almost always superficial.

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    • I'm telling her that she shouldn't appear to be depressed all of the time. Who wants to be with someone who isn't happy at least some of the time? In all honesty.

      She said she's out in public looking all peeved, so why not do it at home if she's going to insist on being that way to begin with?

      She's not hiding it from herself, just others, who wouldn't approach a girl who looks like she's sad.

      I stand by my point.

    • I would approach a girl who looked sad, some of the absolute best friends and all around greatest people I've met had problems and were very sad and dealing with stuff at the time, I helped them through and we got closer in the process.