Do men find crying/sad girls more attractive?

This may question may sound weird... it even sounds strange to me. I am a really bubbly, 19 year old girl. I smile a lot, I am friendly... I generally just love people. I am reasonably attractive... i at least take pride in my appearance and make an effort with it. Weird thing is that I never get attention from men. I'm ok with that because I'm focused on studies anyway, but something strange happened when I cried in public today;

I left my house because the situation there in tumultuous and overbearing. won't go into details, but basically I have an emotionally rocky home situation. Anyway, I went to a park to listen to music and started thinking a little to much about home and I started to cry.

Within an hour I had 3 men talk to me. One said "you look nice" and kind of stopped and looked at me for a couple seconds and said "take care" and then walked off.

the other two smiled and said hey.

Its confusing because I wasn't wearing makeup, had red eyes, and for once in my life wasn't smiling.

Do men find girls more attractive/approachable when they are sad?
Do men find crying/sad girls more attractive?
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