Why do guys have to put themselves out there way more than girls do in order to meet a potential somebody

to land a date or acquire a relationship with? it really angers me, pisses me off, frustrates me, makes me want to violently explode often times, also, why do guys have to have "balls", have guts, initiative, assertiveness, overall, who or what made it the rule, the social-norm, status-quo that guys have to do the pursuing, chasing, approaching, initiating conversations, asking out?

Seriously, I get sick and tired, frustrated, on how guys get labeled p******, wimps, cowards, being feminine, for being less of a man for being passive, not approaching or asking out, it makes me sometimes feel like going on a killing spree, or fighting, beating up a girl's bad-boy, player of a boyfriend out of jealousy, anger, frustration!, as in, I would like to stand up for all of the lonely, bitter, frustrated guys who are virgins or have not much success with girls, women.

It's unfair because it's like as if girls, women, get dating and relationships handed to them on a silver platter, they can be insecure, have low self-esteem and still get a boyfriend but guys can't if they are like that, guys have to be comfortable and content, secure with themselves while being single, it's okay for a girl to need or want a boyfriend, a relationship for validation but never the other way around, they don't have to do the work in order to acquire it, and overall I'm sick and tired of how life, society, culture, expect us guys to toughen it up all the damn time, to be strong, masculine, assertive, to be a leader, take-charge, initiate, I see that as a chore, why is making things happen a masculine thing, manly thing? where is the god damn logic in it?

So what if we guys have testosterone? doesn't mean we have to use it!

Another thing too, is that guys have to take personal responsibility for their own lives far more than girls do, here is a f***in' example:

"realize that people try to help you all the time, but your LAZY ass ALWAYS blames society instead of taking initiative and making yourself more attractive the opposite gender. ADAPT! Don't cry about women not wanting you, find out what they want and use that to make yourself more attractive."

This is what this one guy argued about gender roles and balls, testosterone, if I could kill him without getting into legal trouble, without getting arrested, I probably would, but since I don't want to suffer the consequences, I won't do it:

Man...this is what I'm talking about! You act like taking the initiative is some kind of burden or drudgery. Most normal, red-blooded guys enjoy taking the initiative and do it automatically. It's not a matter of "have to". A normal testosterone level and, at least, average intelligence, should ensure that a guy has more than enough assertiveness and initiative to get and maintain a relationship.

It's sad that any guy would see simple initiative in meeting and dating women as a chore."

would love to make that man squeal as I break his f***in' neck!

Why do guys have to put themselves out there way more than girls do in order to meet a potential somebody
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