Friend trimmed my sideburn too high in my hair at both sides what should I do?

My sideburns were getting to long so I decided my friend could trim my hair. But he has gone to high and now I look like a pineapple he did it on both sides.

And I can't get a buzzcut cause I don't have the face for it cause my face is square and wide so it doesn't look good on it.

My friend laughed but later he said it is fresh and he doesn't really see it that he has gone to high.
But when I look in the mirror it looks really wear. A square wide head with hair in the middle and short hair at the side. It really look like a pineapple.

It's not that I've been made fun of. I only got the haircut today.

But will it grow back normal my sideburns? CAUSE I LOOK LIKE A PINEAPPLE.

At the end of the day I was just so tired and upset and I said I wanted to go home. I ask my friend one more time if it looked weird.
He replied :""not really, it looks good but if you don't think so I can't convince you". And then he said :It looks like you got a buzzcut". And that was something I don't wanna have since my face shape is weird and wide. I feel more insecure than I've ever have. And I don't wanna cut my hair above like I said I got a weird wide face shape. And I don't have school for the whole week. What should I do?


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  • I can't visualize this... can you pm me a pic, so I can help? Or... find a similar pic on Google? You mean he shaved them almost completely off? Try a Mohawk!!!

  • Not much you can do except wait for it to grow back.


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  • Nothing you can do at this point but wait for it to grow back. We've all had bad haircuts before. I know it may feel traumatic to you right now, but you'll look back at this one day and laugh, pinapple head. Lol.

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