Do you think studs on men are attractive?

My girl-friend
has gages on her ear (they're not really big) and i told her i wanted earings like that but i didn't want to stretch my ears out and she suggested studs

i looked these up and fell in love with them,
i only have my left ear pierced so i can have them in both ears

Do you think studs on men are attractive?

(These are the type of stud earrings i want though, they're a bit bigger and all black.
they're called dumbell stud earrings)

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Now that i look at them, i think i might like regular studs better
I don't know


Most Helpful Girl

  • I was never a fan of guys wearing any type of studs - I think men should stay away from ear jewelry.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Honestly, if you like them and want them then get them. Don't listen to other people and change your mind. I have the same ones as the third picture, girls love them. Those diamond ones look too tacky/flashy, black looks simple and blends.

    by the way I'd recommend both ears if you're going to do it

    • thank you
      and yeah i already asked my mom if shed allow me to she said if thats what i want so yeah im getting the other one done

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What Girls Said 1

  • I find them unattractive.

    • but why

    • I think they look trashy. I have rarely thought any type of earring looks good on a guy.

What Guys Said 3

  • They have no benefit nor function. So, I would not use them and they look fragile. They may be vulnerable in a fight.

  • I don't like them. Not on me or on another guy.'

  • Sometimes they can be attractive but it depends is it easy to remove it if you wanted to remove it?

    • yeah studs look lik gages but work just like regular earings they have a back to it to keep it in place

    • Cool