Girls 18-24 range ONLY please, would you date a guy your age with no hair? Can a bald guy that young be attractive look (It's Skinhead bald?

I lost my hair to a weird condition that affected my body hair, I was lucky eyebrows were left intact anyway no scalp hair for me except for some on the sides I shave to avoid looking old. I don't mind it I pull it off decently and most people assume I'm 22-25 (20) so I don't look creepy or old etc. I am pasty white that doesn't tan well though. Anyway my only concern was dating, so girls can a guy who's bald still be physically attractive and would you date one? I got high standards myself in girls look so please no looks don't matter answers just be honest.

  • Girls over 24 please got this, opinions still welcome just want peer opinion as I don't want to have to wait multiple years to date
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  • A guy can still look great bald even this young, I'd date a bald guy
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  • Having no hair is unattractive enough to me that I wouldn't date a bald guy no matter his other features
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  • While I don't think it looks bad, so young I'd probably hold out for a guy with hair honestly..
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I'm a Girl
There is a slight shadow showing the dreaded hair loss pattern under the skin, anyway there's a pic of me;
I am only 21 myself. Just of today even.


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  • The age of the woman is irrelevant, if they find his face and body attractive enough, it counteracts his baldness (if they find that unattractive). It's about overall balance of attractiveness. For some, the baldness won't turn them off, but for others it will tip the scales towards unattractive. Sorry, just being straighforwards.

    • No that's what I wanted to know honestly was if a bald young guy could still date young or if it was such a game killer he had no chance with above average looking girls. I pull off bald good I'm told, like I said I'm super pale and I can't tan worth a crap but my face and head shape work well with it, I'm also super slender, 5'10 and about 137 lbs but I work out like 4 days a week, I have tone but no mass really because my metabolism is ridiculously high and I run. A lot. Seriously like track star amounts. So I'm skinny and pale but most say I look decent bald.

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    • It depends on the person. In general, baldness as a look doesn't turn me off.

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  • i guess it depends on the person's facial features

  • I wouldn't date a bald guy. My brother and dad are both bald and it reminds me too much of them. It instantly kills any attraction that was there.

    • Shaved bald though? So basically I look unattractive?

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    • So basically yes bald is unattractive? Or you're just saying it's something that isn't as common but that doesn't equate to unattractive. Because just as you say your standards I have mine and I'm just as picky and honesty I'm sure you wouldn't match mine either, to me a girl has to be very petite, very slender, lighter skin and have a very attractive cute face or I won't consider her. Think like a minimum of a 7 out of 10 and like you I'll be single until I find that.

    • Balding is unattractive to ME, but it may not be unattractive to other girls my age. That's what I'm saying.

  • It depends on the guy. Some guys rock bald, some don't. As long as it isn't partially (like receding hairline) I'd probably give a bald guy a shot.

    • I mean I lost it like partially but shave what's left is that okay?

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    • So that's it?

    • Can't say I have more to share, so yeah.

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