Girls, Large areolas and finding the best cut bra? Full cup coverage?

  • I have the same problem and stick with full cup bras
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  • I have the same problem but still wear half cups anyway
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  • I don't have that problem
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  • I have kind of big aereolas. Depending on how big yours is will determine what bra you need. I wear demi bras but ig yours are really big then you might need full coverage.

  • I went to several department stores and got fitted for several diff styles of bras but I liked the fittings at Victoria's Secret the best. But my fave brand of bra is Spanx. They're comfy and can wear with a t shirt.

    • If you want really good quality bras that fit you right go to a lingerie boutique. A Really good brand they will most likely have is Eomi

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