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  • My personal take on pixie cuts:
    1.) Pixie cuts never make someone more attractive than they'd be with longer hair. I like longer hair-- it very often makes someone look more feminine in my opinion and nicer.

    2.) Pixie cuts, for the large majority of women, make the girl look a lot worse. Longer hair looks a lot better on the majority of em (not necessarily "long," just not nearly pixie-cut-short.)

    3.) For a select few women, pixie cuts do nothing to hurt or help them. I would argue this tends to be because their face is already great, so it doesn't particularly matter how long their hair is. The pictures of ones I've seen that still look attractive with pixie cuts already have really great feminine sort of faces to focus on.

    So it's really a mix of B and C. All in all though, I've never seen someone who looks more attractive with a pixie cut than longer hair.
    Naturally, it's all very personal preferences, but the various guys I've talked with in random dudebro conversations about types and stuff have said similar things like me. It's purely anecdotal, but I suspect the majority of guys are not only-short hair fans.

    • I look like a mop with boobs with long hair, bro. That's not feminine. I don't even look human.

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    • @LaVilaine Alright, I shall await your return lol.

    • 7d

      @LaVilaine I'll just quote the opinion which I put in to save time "Hair takes a lot of resources to produce and one thing you’ll notice from all the pictures of starving people from third world nations is that they oftentimes have very little hair. Having a good head of long hair is a sign of health which is why men naturally prefer long haired girls to short haired girls."

      It's not so much a case of what's feminine, long hair is a sign of health (to an extent in both men and women).

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  • Ahhhahah nothing like the topic of short hair to bring out the hysterics from male GAGers...


    A few things, in no particular order.


    A lot of the dudes here are clearly overreacting -- and many of them probably aren't even being consistent with *themselves*.

    What I mean is this:
    • Lots of women with hair around shoulder length -- where it's short enough to fall over yr shoulder and get in the way of everything you're trying to do, but long enough to actually GET in the way of everything you're trying to do -- wear ponytails for literally 99.5 percent of their waking hours.
    If a woman wears her ponytail high and sort of messy, it's almost indistinguishable from the look of a short haircut. Like this high/messy pony:

    ... OK. So, all these guys who are flipping their shit about women with short hair... Do they throw just as much of a hissy-fit about women who wear ponytails all the time?
    Because if they don't, then their complaints probably aren't so much about the look, and are probably much more about what the look seems to "signify" (in their mind, anyway).
    Like one poster here who thinks that short hair "makes you look like a feminist". (Does that even mean anything? The most strident feminazi-types I know ALL have long hair and wear very traditionally feminine clothes.)

    If a guy is hating on short hair AND ponytails, then, fine, mb he really does have an aversion to that look in general. But how many people do you know who hate ponytails ahahah.


    As many on this thread have pointed out, yr "success" with a shorter haircut is going to depend on yr face.

    What NO ONE has pointed out yet -- and what definitely needs to be pointed out -- is that it ALSO depends on yr makeup skills. Might depend on that even more than yr actual facial shape.

    In general, women who really *rock* the pixie-cut look tend to wear MUCH more dramatic makeup than women with longer hair.
    More importantly... much more dramatic than the makeup they'd wear *themselves* with longer hair.

    Like these women:



    Notice the high drama of the first two women's smoky eyes, and of Rihanna's blood-red lipstick.
    All of these looks might seem pretty try-hard with longer hair -- or they just wouldn't go well with the hair -- but, with short hair, they look devastatingly sexy.

    I wrote

    • more about my own experiences with shorter vs. longer hair -- like the differences in the kinds of guys who'd approach me, along with some other observations -- in my opinion on this thread:

      Check it out.

      My hair's still long at the moment, but... for a limited time only. I'm getting to that age where it's starting to refuse to grow out to its current length (around my natural waist) -- and I look absolutely beyond awful with hair anywhere around shoulder length -- so, sometime in the next couple months, I'm getting it cut to something like what's on the girl in the white dress ^^. Probably a *little* shorter than that.
      My husband will be ecstatic, lol (his love for short-haired women almost approaches fetish status ahah)

      And of course *yours* looks fantastic. Which you probably know, but, I'm saying it anyway <3

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    • I'm with @YourFutureEx on this one. Huge difference between ponytail and pixie. Even in the picture you provided, one can still tell it isn't a pixie with the hair on back. Likewise, in a real life scenario, chances are they won't be always perfectly centered towards you to where you can't tell if it is a pixie or not. They looks quite different.

      Saying a ponytail is the same/similar as a pixie cut is kinda like saying super mullet brad pitt (with hair tucked behind) would look the same as fight club brad pitt... And therefore anyone who liked fight club brad pitt hair should like mullet brad pitt hair.

      Like also Yourfutureex, I disiked pixie cuts before I even knew what feminism was. I didn't really hear about feminism until I got on GAG and researched it. I hadn't heard of the feminist stereotypes because I simply didn't pay attention to social movements and stuff in high school. 😅

    • @dangerDoge LOL I didn't know about feminism before joining G@G either :D I think those are just arm-chair activists who don't reveal their identity in real life.

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  • it depends on the girl's face

  • Pixie cuts? Don't really L ike them.
    Some people can pull it of but it isn't going to make one look more attractive than when they had longer hair in my opinion.
    My mother worked a very very short cut once upon a time when she was in her 20s with curly hair and yes it worked for her and looked pretty nice and edgy but she still looked better when she had longer hair and will always look better with longer hair.

    • Careful with that "always", there... Have you SEEN menopausal or postmenopausal women with long (natural, non-extension) hair?
      Nottttt a good look...

      Through perimenopause and menopause, our hair starts negotiating downward on the length to which it's willing to grow.
      I'm still a good 8-10 years from menopause, and already my hair is starting to become... reluctant to grow waist-length anymore.
      After menopause... yeahhh... longer hair makes you look like a combination of a bad '60's flower child and a wicked witch.

    • @redeyemindtricks when I mean longer hair it means mostly anything longer than pixie cut length. Could be from sleek bob hairdo to longer, although I do prefer the bob hair style on most older women.

      I do agree waist long hair can look rather odd when you're older, in fact waist long hair can look odd sometimes scary on some younger people.

    • yeah gotcha... but even shoulder-length can start looking ratty once a woman is past menopause, unless she is truly exceptionally gifted in the hair department.

      All those older women cutting their hair shorter, they're doing it for a reason... and that reason is not "I give up".

  • sexy as hell and <3 from Insurgent

  • The hairstyle should definitely suit the face :) always. However, the women who can rock it, usually rock it well :) Like Halle Berry and Mia Farrow.

  • Not a fan

  • I know for a fact that I could never pull it off, but there are girls who certainly can.

  • Not every girl looks good with a pixie cut

  • I've never liked short hair on a female before so..

  • I like them. I'm getting one when I have the means to pay for regular hair cuts.

  • I would never do it but there are people that look really good with it

  • Not hot.

  • depends... why are the pixies cutting themselves?

  • Don't know why but I always thought they looked weird on other girls. When I see someone with a pixie cut, it gives me the impression that they've "stopped trying".

  • No guy has ever liked a pixie cut

  • I voted indifferent. It depends on the woman's face shape and head shape. Some look really good with them, others it doesn't really suit them.

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