How long does a 13 Oz bottle of shampoo and conditioner usually last you?

My dad would like to know
I'll be washing my hair every other day if I don't have class or work days I have class I will be everyday
I'm using organix I usually get the bigger bottles
I'm going back to college and need at least a month to 2 monthes worth

My hairs very thick and wavy not poofy all over


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  • It would last me a month. Your dad sounds weird.

    • He needs to send me up to last half the semester

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  • I have waist length hair that is extremely thick, it takes about 4 weeks to go through an entire shampoo bottle and 3 weeks for an entire conditioner bottle, I wash my hair every 1 or two days (I'm a swimmer so managing my hair is tiresome) and typically use Suave.

    • I used suave before but it gives me hives and thanks the only non organic or non natural made product I can use is goodwill and kms if I don't get to much on my skin we used that in Cosmo and organix

    • Goldwell not goodwill

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