Guy pretending to use his cell phone?

What does it mean if a guy always takes out his cell phone whenever he sees you, or are left alone with you? And he never seems to make eye contact, he always looks down at the floor when I'm near him. :(

This guy is in one of my class and I would really like to talk to him, but I cannot seem to find the 'right time'. It seems as though(maybe wishful thinking) that he packs up his belongings as the same rate that I do after class ends. He used to sit next to me in the beginning of the semester, but sits elsewhere now. I don't know whether his avoiding behavior is because he is actually interested and nervous, or if he is simply uninterested and trying to get the message across. Any answers from you guys would be appreciated!

i tried to build up the courage to talk to him, so I followed him after class and walked behind him in the hallways in hopes that he would get it, (he was probably conscious of my presence), he seemed to avoid me by walking in the opposite direction later
Also, if his friends start becoming friendly with my friends, does that indicate anything? He and I haven't talked at all, yet.


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  • listen and listen closely,

    I don't know why, but a lot of shy guys Qs seem to be abt things I personally do..

    Well, I am a shy guy my self, and I hate it..

    There is this fine girl in my class, I do the same sh*t ure guy does around her, phone, packing at the same rate, although I don't get what you did interpret from it, but I do it, every class.

    This guy 99.9 Likes you if not more, he is just too shy to come and talk to you.

    Tomorrow, wait until he sits, then just go and sit besides him, observe his acts, then out of no where, ask him a question abt the class.

    try to develop the situation to an after class talk. Then, try to take as much info as possible abt him, Fb, Phone #, whatever...

    and enjoy,

    wish me luck with my lady as well :D

  • He wants to look important around you.

    • Is that a good or a bad thing?

    • He's insecure about talking to you, or doesn't want you talking to him. Hit or miss.

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