Are high/prominent cheekbones feminine?

A lot of guys have them but are made fun o because they make the guy looks feminine.

  • Yes they are feminine feature
  • They are a masculine feature
  • They are a unisex feature
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*made fun of
*look feminine


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  • Completely the opposite, most women love high cheekbones and most male models have them.

    • Don't beauty standards classify them as feminine? Most men that have them are called "pretty boys".

    • Not particularly, they're attractive on both sexes.

    • I've heard that they can be attractive on both sexes but apparently it's more of a feminine feature according to beauty standards.

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  • its a unisex feature

  • They're unisex. I have them. Though once upon in a time in my life i was ridiculed because errone thought it was a manly trait


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  • What did i say about Native American Cheekbones

    • I know they have large cheekbones but what I'm referring to is if they are considered feminine by beauty standards.

  • What is with your obsession with this?

    • I'm starting to think that men are in fact the less attractive gender.

    • You're STARTING to think that? 😂😂

      Dude, this whole "less attractive sex" thing is stupid and ridiculous. There's no such thing as "objectively less attractive", because "attractive" isn't objective. It's based on who is ATTRACTED.
      If YOU find men less attractive, then... congratulations, you're a straight man.

      I obviously find men a thousand million hundred times more attractive than women... because I'm a straight woman.


      The high cheekbones have positive connotations on both sexes, but they're more masculine than feminine. High cheekbones, cheek hollows, and a strong jawline are the essence of a classically *masculine* face.
      Supermodels tend to have these features, too -- but, that's the point: Supermodels have classically masculine faces. The fact that makeup can soften, contour, and feminize facial features helps a lot here.

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