Characteristics of a Masculine Face, and Why Any Man Can Appear Masculine

I asked a question here to see what makes a man's face masculine but unfortunately, nobody seemed to answer it due to lack of knowledge. Everyone said a strong jawline, rich eyebrows and facial hair. That almost makes it seem as if that's all there is to a masculine face. If that's the case then it's just as I thought, men aren't pleasing to the eye. People always say "but a strong jawline makes a man sexy. No, it doesn't; what about the rest of his face? I'm talking about a facial shape, not some temporary features like facial hair or bushy eyebrows. Here are some masculine facial features, not including jawlines:

Shape of a man's face. This is what usually determined how masculine a man looks. I'm referring to the overall face of a man, not just the jawline. Most people ignore this feature but if you look closely at a man's face, you will see that he has a certain shape. Of course, every person has a different face shape, so your face is not going to look exactly like the ones in these pictures but overall, it's close enough to your face.

Bigger chins: In general, men have bigger chins than women regardless of height. Some men have bigger chins than others but every man has a bigger chin unless he has feminine features. Antonio Inoki has a very large chin.

Less prominent cheekbones: Masculine men have less prominent cheekbones (flatter). As to whether or not they look attractive, that's matter of preference.

Wider noses: Most men have wider noses than women. Of course sizes and shapes vary, some have them exceedingly wide other just a little bit wide.

Heavier brow ridges: Men's brow ridges tend to be more visible than a woman's.

Thinner and wider lips: Most men don't have thick lips. Women tend to have thicker lips which is why lipstick was made for them, to make them more glossy.

Wider eye sockets: Men in general have wider eye sockets, hence why it's a masculine feature. If you compare a man's and a woman's picture, you'll notice this feature in most men.

Smaller eyes: Yes, you read that right, men have smaller eyes than women. Again compare a picture of a man and a woman side by side and you'll see the difference

Dense bones: The male skeleton naturally has more mass than female bones do, so obviously it will have something to do with how a man's face looks and feels as well. Men's faces may feel and look more rugged and chiseled.

Basically any man can be masculine, what matters is the overall shape of the face. It's hard to explain but a man's face will look masculine no matter what. You can tell if a man is a man just by looking at his facial structure. Even the feminine looking guys still have masculine-looking faces because they are men.

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  • Looking at the first chart, I have a diamond face

  • damn, when will they learn -_-
    a. oval shaped face is shit, its called being pear faced lmfao
    b. george clooney doesn't even have cheekbones, neither hollow cheeks not zygos wtf
    c. a large chin isn;t good neither is small. its supposed to 2-2.5 times ratio of
    middle of lips to tip of chin/ bottom of nose to middle of lips.
    d. wider noses yes
    e. Thin lips has nothing to do with testosterone, u'll find as many women with thin and thick lips as men. Don't go by some shitty feature hollywood lauds. It says having a big forehead is good too but hell NO.
    f. both men and women look better with wider eyes
    g. men have BIGGER eye sockets. Beady eyes are shit. eyes should be well covered by browridge and under eye support not small eyes overall.