Who else likes when a hot girl shows some butt crack?

I especially like it when the girl has a small butt and semi tight jeans. The fact she has a small butt that doesn't hold the jeans up and she has to fix them grabs my attention. I've seen girls wear a belt and have to adjust the buckle because their jeans were showing some ass but it was super sexy! When they wear a tight shirt or shorter shirt that shows just enough butt crack is the best!

I think girls know guys look, and usually girls hate having a small ass for the fact their jeans don't stay in place, but I'm telling you girls don't worry you actually look great!


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  • It's ok when it's on a petite girl

    • Why not a taller girl?

    • As long as she is slim a tall girl is fine too but if they have a big butt it doesn't look as cute

    • I agree, large butts it looks too much. Not saying larg butts are bad, only for this look.

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  • Seems a little tasteless.

    • Not at all, I enjoy women's curves, butts included 😊

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    • If it was dressing for a job or nice event then yes I would completely agree. A casual day out I see no issue, I don't mean pants falling down just a slight peek. You can wear pants to stay at that position with a belt to hold them, or just let them slide gradually.

    • I don't personally think having my shit-crack hanging out is casual or cute.

  • nah, butts can be hot but buttcracks not so much.

    • Just a peek, where underwear is starting to show. Not a full moon lol

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