Why do a lot of male models wear makeup?

Are masculine features considered so unnatractive that they need makeup to look more feminine?


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  • Makeup in modelling on male models isn't used to create more feminine features. It's used to make the model look as good as possible on camera. For example something as simple as powder so that the skin doesn't appear oily in the image.


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  • I think they only use basic make up product to show their facial/body detail when there are bright lights shining on them when photos were being taken.

    I was in dance team and theater, prior to performance, every guy has to wear eye liner and some need the powder and light (lip colored) lip sticks so audience can see their face better under the bright lights.


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  • To cover their flaws

  • They dont wear makeup to look more femininešŸ˜‚ it's just to make them look closer to perfection.


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