Obsessed with girls with long hair?

For some reason girls with long hair really turn me on and get my attention and are automatically a million times more attractive to me than girls with shorter hair. Unfortunately, I go to a small college with only like 900 total girls, and I've only come across a handful who have really long hair and are pretty on top of it. It seems like it's really only a fashion trend in places on the other side of the world. Victoria Jukonyte is unbelievably attractive and that's the main look I'm attracted to, but I think she's from some place in Europe or Asia where that trend predominates (not to sound like I'm obsessed with her, that's just the look I'm into). A ton of girls at my school have super short hair which I don't find attractive. I feel kind of weird that hair is high on my list of things that attract me, but I can't really control it. A combination of the appearance of it, girls playing with it, and thinking about how soft it must feel does it for me. I just think it's gonna be hard finding a girl around here who actually has long hair. Doesn't need to be crazy long, but somewhere between shoulder length and waist length.


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  • I'm not really sure what the question is 😜

    It's not a bad thing being attracted to a particular trait, it just means it may be more difficult to find someone who fits your ideal type. With hair though it's so easily changed so I'd try not to discount someone if their hair was one of the only negatives

    • Fair, much more of a discussion than a question haha. And yeah personality is obviously the most important for a long term relationship, but long hair is the ultimate attractor for me. Much more than big boobs or butt. Facial features really do it for me

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  • I have an obsession like yours. Nowadays a girl who has short hair can be attractive for me, but she wasn't when I was younger.

    Nowadays long hair isn't a requirement for a girl to attract me, but it's quite wishable for me. When I often see a girl and I have always seen her hair very long, I'm really attracted to her, despite she is less attractive than average.

    I have had sex with some girls with very long hair and it's amazing to feel their hair while caressing their waist. I also like when they play with it, put it out when they put on a jacket or when it get wet while they swim.

    You're right about Victoria Jukonyte. She is really attractive with such a long hair:


    I girl like this would ideal for me if she prefered guys to have their head shaved. I love the sensation of being with a girl who is proud of having her hair much longer than her boyfriend's. Some years ago, I saw a couple walking in the street where the girls hair was knee length and the guy had his head shaved. I thought that this girl wanted her boyfriend to wear his head shaved while her hair was so long. I was really turned on, wishing to have a girlfriend like her.


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  • Long hair is nice, but the example you've given is a bit extreme. Hair like that must be so impractical.. I guess the best thing to do in your position would be to disregard the hair length at first and then ask the girl oyu get with to grow it out a bit longer.

    • Yeah growing it to your knees is kinda crazy to be honest. But there are some girls who have it between their shoulders and waist which is still really long but at least realistic.

  • I have pitch black waist length hair and I can assure you you're not the only one obsessed with that.

    • hahaha boyfriend play with it all the time?

    • I don't have a boyfriend but guys usually go crazy over it. I mean yeah it looks nice but I often get more attention than friends who are more attractive than me because of it so I honestly don't get it. I'm not complaining though it's just funny to me.

    • It's because hair can be super attractive to guys. Not all guys for sure, but a fair amount. For me a girl's face and hair are the most critical qualities for me to find her physically attractive. Being decently fit helps too, but butt and boobs are just icing on the cake. Just embrace it haha

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