Why is good looking people rare?

I know people have difference tastes of what's good looking and some people are more picky than others. But most of us doesn't think everybody are good looking, and we thinks just certain kinds of people are physical attractive for us. I'm curious at why good looking people are rare for many people. For me good looking people are super rare and it takes long time before I finds them. If I walks around in a city and sees several thousand of people, only one or two may be good looking for me.
Why is good looking people rare?This picture might be a good example. There are many people in a crowd and it doesn't matter we have difference tastes (E. g. some thinks blondes are attractive, other don't). Most of us have one thing in common and the thing is that we don't find everybody equal good looking. Some of us finds maybe a couple of them good looking, other doesn't find any of the people in the crowd physical appealing at all. Even though you find ten of them good looking, you still doesn't think all of them are and good looking people are still more rare than people who aren't.


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  • Some people are genetically predisposed to be attracted to more people, some to fewer. For some reason, you find fewer than most appealing. Maybe you live in the wrong place? It could be that simple.

    • Thanks for answer. Actually it does make sense from a biological perspective. When you're finding a partner, the genes have to match in order to get a healthy offspring and therefor we are only attracted to certain types of people. I would probably easier find good looking people if I lived in South Europa, South Asia or the Middle eastern sine I finds dark people often more appealing. But I thinks the life in Norway is very nice and I loves the Norwegian culture, so I'm not going to move abroad.

    • Thank you for MHO and happy looking:)

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  • It's not all about looks though, I find proper grammar sexy too.

    But the reason 'good looking people' are rare is that there wasn't enough incentive to weed out ugly people. Ugly people can still get into position of power, so they can mate with more females. This has been going on for thousands of years of human society. How beautiful a person is actually matters less when it comes to reproduction, having more money means you are more likely to have healthy offspring in today's society, and having more money has little to do with looks. Also, you can be a manipulative person or a rapist without looking good. Also, people often settle down with others who aren't particularly good looking because they have other redeeming traits. Some of my gfs were like that, even though I am fairly handsome, I've dated girls way bellow my league because they were cute enough for me, they were smart, funny, or had some other charm.

    In ye olde times, rich people had harems, so leaving a ton of offspring depended on how wealthy you are. Also wives were often bought, as well. Nowadays it's way more about personality and being capable of persuading somebody to leave offspring with you.

    TL;DR: Looking good doesn't drastically improve your chances of leaving offspring behind, it never did, but the reasons have somewhat changed throughout centuries.


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  • Personally I don't find good looking people rare, and find many different things aesthetically pleasing.
    Maybe you just have very specific tastes and not many fit into them

    • What do you find aesthetically pleasing and which celebs do you find good looking? I've many celebrities at my list. But I've met very few good looking people in real life. Good looking celebs imho:
      Aidan Turner, Orlando Bloom, Johnny Depp, Kerry Washington, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Nathalie Emmanuel, Caitrione Balfe, Santiago Cabrera, Chris and Liam Hemsworth.

    • I find you rather cute, and I think that if I saw you move and talk and gesticulate in a way that I find attractive, you'd indeed be attractive to me.

      Does this mean you are 'good looking'? Well, it's subjective, from my perspective, I would not say that you are 'absolutely gorgeous' just off that picture (and there are girls for whom I can say that), but you are actually cute enough that I'd date you. And maybe my perspective would change even further if I had you in my arms, happy and smiling, and thinking you're the most beautiful girl in the world.

      But as you can see, not only is beauty kind of arbitrary, it's also entirely subjective, and dependent on many other factors. You can't judge it off a picture without 'feeling' the person, so the OP's post about judging people off a crowd picture is actually a ridiculous concept in itself.

      It's actually incredible what a small amount of population understands that people become much prettier when you end up loving them.

    • @Deconstruction completely agree. You can see the most attractive person ever - 100% hot. Then they move, and it looks awkward so that rating goes down to 80%. Then they open their mouth and it does down to 50%. Then you find out they hate dogs and all of a sudden their hideous to you.
      Knowing someone definitely has the potential to completely change their attractiveness from first impressions

  • They're not rare for me. I'd date about 40% of the guys I know just by their looks IF I like their personality.

  • Eh I'm not overly picky. As long as you have a pleasing face, aren't horribly overweight and have a rocking booty, I probably find you attractive.

    • For me finding people with a aesthetically pleasing face is very rare. But people who are slim, healthy and aren't horribly overweight isn't rare. Being slim is very common where I live, but being fat is also common. It's like 50 - 50.

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  • I have no clue.. This seems more like a complaint than a question though.


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