What Do Guys Think of Girls Who Wear Mens Streetwear/Techwear?

I want to know what guys think of girls who wear mens streetwear (big hoodies, caps, long shorts, techwear, sporty, brands). I personally love to dress up in mens clothes (as in streetwear and techwear) but I'm really curious about what guys think of it. Do you think it looks good/interesting? Or do you think it looks horrible if a girl wears mens streetwear/techwear? I'm not going to change my style even if the response would be negative! Thank you


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What Guys Said 2

  • I have no idea, ever with your examples, what you mean by street wear and techwear.

    • Like guys who wear hip hop clothes. Big and baggy clothes but still stylish

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    • Yes different brands for example: palace, vetements, adidas, sweet sktbs

    • tbh I probably need to see an example to give you my real opinion

  • i dont mind personally its only cloths wear whatever makes you feel comfortable

    • Thank you so much for answering! I'm glad to hear that

    • I've known girls that wear big jumpers, baggy jeans, skate shoes all men sizes and males wearing dresses it all comes down to what you feel better in and comfortable in

What Girls Said 1

  • this is exactly my style. I only wear loose fitting pants and all of my tops are sportsbrands (Fila, Champion, Nike, Adidas, etc, and a few from Daily Paper.) Mostly out of the menswear section or vintage. I often don't even tuck these (oversized) t shirts in my pants, making me look even more like a guy.
    I really love the style but guys think it makes me less attractive (it makes me look like I have no curves). I have yet to find a guy who does like it..
    But I keep wearing it anyway


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