My boyfriend is a Ladyboy?

And I want him to know that I love this about him, I have a fanatical love for this type of fashion, but I'm not sure how to tell him this without making it sound like I'm very shallow. We have been together for about 3 years and he knows that I accept him for this but I have never paid any special attention to this about him, or given him any extra compliments (I know that is strange, but he has struggled off and on through our relationship to accept this within himself, which is why I want to support him and yet be sensitive to it).. Would it be creepy from his perspective, if I decided to divulge my real appreciation for this fashion or to be more aggressive about my supporting him in this? If it would be appropriate, then any ideas? This tends to be a sensitive subject for him, he prefers for me to ignore the way he dresses beyond simple compliments and just treat him more like a girl.. And he is more like a girl, which is also how we fell in love, (I'm more masculine and he's more feminine, etc.) I just don't want him to think that I love this about him more than his actual self, but I'm probably over-thinking this. Any advice would be appreciated.


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  • I love guys who are into being feminine.How far does he take this?Crossdressing?Or does he want to go the whole route,and attempt a sex change? I've had quite a bit of dealings with fem guys,let's talk!

    • Yay, a sincere answer!

      He's barely mentioned the sex-change idea, and just wants to be treated like a girl, accepted as a girl, so I would peg him in-between cross-dresser and transgendered. We've discussed him going on hormones before and I'm supportive of whatever he feels like he should do to make himself happy.. But I'm so self conscious, and he's so sensitive about it, I'm having a hard time fully expressing myself because I don't want to sound insincere so I have to be serious when I **

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    • I'm making this best answer, since you gave such nice advice and information to me personally ^_^

    • You do? I love dressing up in womens clothes for fun I really want to try the wig and makeup.

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  • Why the worry session? If you love him plunge into this with everything you have (And that ladies and other peoples was a perfect swan dive with a triple hell yes). Go for it!

  • Buy him a pair of pants and a shirt. That will tell him that you accept his fashion statement.


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  • Yes,I most certainly do! I'm glad that you enjoy that about yourself.It's very sexy.What do you like to wear?