How much will being good looking help me anyway?

I'm a good looking guy. I get called "cute" by attractive women and "hot" by average-looking ones not infrequently.

Despite my looks, I only recently lost my virginity (I'm 20), to my ex in the first relationship I ever had, which lasted about 6 months.

I wasn't always good-looking. In high school I was way overweight and very socially awkward. The lack of confidence this engendered stayed with me long after I lost the weight. But I am way more confident now, and am getting even more confident by the day. It's just taking time.

I'm not shy like I was in high school, but I am by no means the most outgoing person- I'm fairly quiet around new people of both genders; but once I open up (after about 5 minutes of conversation usually) most people like me and find me funny and quite interesting.

Having just broke up with my ex, I've started asking women out. I approached a girl I didn't know and got her number, something I would NEVER have been able to do a year ago. However, she rejected me before we got to go on a date. I don't know why and it's been bothering me (she was two heads taller than me; I hope that's not the reason because I find tall women very attractive).

Which brings me to this- most men's dating advice focuses on being the "alpha male"- this means being confident and showing "social value"- by definition, being outgoing and knowing what to do in any social situation. This is not in my natural personality. I am trying to be more outgoing. But until I really get there, how much do you think I can rely on good looks to help me be more successful with women?
How much will being good looking help me anyway?
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