Are braids/updoes prettier than loose hair (pictures)?

Which one do you prefer and why?

  • Are braids/updoes prettier than loose hair (pictures)?Updo vs...
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  • Are braids/updoes prettier than loose hair (pictures)?Loose hair
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  • I almost always wear my hair in an updo when I go out (to the mall, to school, for a walk, etc.). For me updos are so fun! They're a way for me to express my creativity. I tend to go for messy/loose updos. Updos make me look more casual and cute :). And... it makes people curious. They wonder what I'll look like with my hair down.

    When there's a special occasion, I let my hair down with a deep side part. It shows my waves/curls, as well as make me look so much more beautiful/classy. And since people don't often see me wearing my hair down, it makes people go 'wow' :D. At home, when it's not hot, I also let my hair down so it can relax.

    So I prefer updos than loose hair, because I wear it more often and it's more fun. But in terms of beauty, it's a tie. Updos are 'fun' while loose hair is 'classy'. Both are beautiful!


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  • for my hair I prefer it down bc I have a rounder face and having my hair down helps slims it down. but I like updos and just down on everyone else :)

  • Yes they are :)


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