Is it good when a girl says you're cute behind your back? (Like to your buddies etc.)

Well I don't really talk to girls and the only girls I talked to were the ones that my friend told me that they thought I was cute, but most of them they tried to hook me up with them and they told me that this girl wants my friend to hook me up with her... but I really never get complimented in in front of my face why? but what's also the difference between cute and hot? what am I ? and the one I get close to calls me cute in front of my face why? if I was really good looking shouldn't she be shy of me? I'm confused lol


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  • I call guys cute when I find them attractive but also cute if I think they are just adorable... depends on the tone of voice :P...

    The one that calls you cute to your face is probably not the one who is attracted to you (unless she is way more forward than most girls) the ones who say it behind your back are the ones you want to watch out for :)

    Also hot is more used for a more masculine type of attractiveness, you call someone hot when you think about them sexually but the guys you describe as cute are the ones you could get to know etc.

    ...Aaand guys who I describe as "hot" are generally out of my league while the cute ones are the ones I might think I have a chance with.

  • some girls are just odd like that. I might even be a little too forward, if I like you you'll DEFINATELY know it. some girls are just b*tches you know? I mean, they need to stop playing hard to get. life is way to short to play games


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