My crush and his friends are making fun of me !! heelp?

so i stared at him few ( a lot of times tbh ) becuz i though he was really cute we never talked becuz just like all the other guys he feels intimitaded becuz im one of those good girls who only care about studying ( i got the 1st ranking in school ) and im just not the type guys at ma class would like to date ...the problem is he found out that like (no one told him cuz nobody knows ) becuz abviously i stare at him a lot.. he told his friends so they started making fun of me ( well kinda ) like when they sit behind me the keep calling his name even when he is not there and they would say stuff like "ooh isn't he soo cute hot.." i also overheard them saying stuff like wtf is wrong with that girl she's a joke and omg i can't believe she likes you she's a baby ( because im short )
i am really senstive and i have severe social anxiety so this hurt me a looot and i just can't stop caring what others think i don't want them to spread that in our class becuz it's sooo embarassing
so what can i do to stop them from thinking i like them ( becuz now i really stopped )
without really talking to them ( my social anxiety is just that bad )
pllz don't judge me for this cuz for most people this might sound silly but is it killing me i don't people to make fun of me :((((
P.S my crush doesn't do anything really when his friends make fun of me he just stands there...oh we're both 18 by the way ( i look 14 tho :(
My crush and his friends are making fun of me !! heelp?
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