I have big feet for my height! Is this unattractive?

Thanks for answering.

I had NO IDEA that by asking this I would get so insane answers...I can understand why people ask anonymous now...lol


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  • idk why people reply so many dumb questions, and this girl can't get a honest answer.

    See what I'm talking about? all these losers?They will never get a girl like you.

    • So you're stalking her question? You put an arrow down on my answer in seconds, and replied a new answer in less than a minute. Either you are cyberz in his third answer, or you just have nothing better to do.

    • What are you talking about? lmf

    • Make a comment, right now on my answer below.

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  • You seriously should have asked this anonymously, instead of releasing it for all to see. It's like someone saying, "I have a third nipple, will anyone find this unattractive"? Nonetheless, I do think you are exaggerating and making them seem bigger than they really are.

    But in all seriousness, remember that Olive Oyl managed to snag Popeye.

    • You're right.... I will change my question to anonymous....I didn't have any idea that I would receive so many 'out of mind answers...

    • Yeah, the answer above me is pretty much cyberz again. You really do have people after you lol. Just use anonymous. Less hassle. And no, you don't have big feet. Just too much worrisome.

  • You are welcome.

    Remember to wash in between the toes!

    • Thanks GIRL :)

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    • No problem.

      Be happy! (:

    • I am, and you can't stand that I'm happy! You need to attack me, so you think you feel better.... and I never saw this face in reverse (: in Brazil.. You failed!

  • As long as they don't smell bad.

    • Wow, seems I got a hater, that created this account TODAY, to answer thiis....I love it, you people make me laugh <3

    • And you added Brazil (my country) at your account....lol funny yeah xD

  • ewwwwww

  • i guess as long as you don't look like a clown its okay

    • I'm 5'2, shoes size 6,5

    • 6.5 is not big, even for 5'2"

    • As I said at the question, my feet is big for my height...not that the size is abnormal

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  • you said you're 5'2 and you have size 6,5...it's big for your height but you won't have problems with that face