What should I wear to a themed party called 'I shouldn't be here'?

I have a four-day intro for art school coming up next week and at the end there's a theme party, called 'I shouldn't be here' and the only instructions were 'bring an unforgetable party outfit'. I don't know what to do with this information though.

It's art school, so a bit crazy is okay, but this is the first time we meet our teachers and classmates. The first lessons. Most of the people I saw at the welcoming day looked pretty young if I might say, like they wouldn't pull off some weird shit at the first party. So that kept me wondering, what should I wear? And what will they wear?

Should I take the theme as just a title or as a dresscode? I definetely don't want to go over top, any suggestions?


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  • Dress as the 80' cause you're certainly too late for the party and shouldn't be there.

    • Good one, still tho what do I wear that's subtle and gives the hint?

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    • Sorry for mistakes, English is my 2nd language

    • Don't worry about it, it's my 2nd language as well. Thanks for the advice, I want to keep it real subtly though so I think I'll just wear handcuffs and say I was omw to jail

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  • Maybe a historical figure who has long been dead? If they aren't living they shouldn't be there.


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  • dress like a Nazi because they shouldn't be anywhere

  • Vangot


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