Girls, would you ever get a perineum tattoo?

Supposedly, it is a practice. Though, not a very practical one. I generally consider it a sign that a woman is either really daring, or unhinged. And if the latter, her openly admitting to having such a thing is probably a red flag.

Would you do it? Does the very notion of it make you cringe? Are you as fearless as Harley Quinn? What's your take on peri-tats? Tomorrow's crazy trend, or kill it with fire?
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  • What is that?

    • It's that region of skin and supportive tissue at the very bottom of your pelvis, between the vagina and anus. It's very rare to get one there, and more men than women have tried it, since men have more room for margin of error for the artist. If you are really as young as your profile says you are, then I'd highly advise you to wait at least five years before even considering such an operation. Generally, the kind of women who'd get it done down there are the kind of women who have a lot to prove, and are trying to make themselves sound hardcore.

    • Oh. Hell no.

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