What types of outfits should girls with muscular legs wear?

I have a problem with my body that I'm not exactly sure how to dress for to look the best I can. I have a slender and somewhat shapeless/formless upper body with smallish breasts, but wide hips and really muscular legs. They almost look out of proportion compared to my upper body. How do I dress for this kind of body?


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  • I have a friend who's in a position sort of like yours.. I mean she has muscular legs (varsity track and varsity bball.) Honestly she looks amazing in skinny jeans that show off her leg figure because her legs are not huge but definitely larger than average (and by amazing I mean it's a total turn on) The reason I say her positions only sort of like yours is that she's got some upper body strength on her too which definitely balances out her legs.

    I'd recommend:

    1. skinny jeans are your life savers

    2. wear layers on top. Until a short while back I had lost my 6 pack (don't quite have it back yet =/.. oh and I'm by no means a skinny guy..) and I don't have much chest muscle but I still have huge quads because my sport takes a lot of leg work.. Wearing layers hides an upper body very, very well.

    3. Get some arm tone and even build some upper body mass specifically in your chest muscles. That way if it's too hot out you can wear something like what my friend wore at this party a couple nights ago: a sleeveless black tee and a sort of olive sleeveless coverup (It's hard to describe but she's a tan asian so it complimented her really well.) on top of skinny jeans and white low rise vans. <-just an example but you get the idea..

    Also remember that confidence is huge.. If you're comfortable, it'll work. Hope this helps.



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  • I am built like a tank and I like to show it, if I were you I would wear more reviling clothes, i usually wear something that can show my muscles well like these girls

  • I have muscular legs too and I've found that every outfit looks better with heels it would sleek up your silouhete and legs.

  • This might help


    • Thanks. The site contained a lot of information but one thing I'm confused about is that girls tell me I should draw attention away from my legs/lower body (which that site agrees with) while guys tell me I should draw attention towards it. What's the deal?

    • For girls its a fashion thing and about looking good, for guys its a sexual thing. Some guys think its sexy for a woman to dress like that but if you do not feel comfortable that way, then do what you feel is right for you and that you are comfortable with

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