Girls, what kind of panties do you wear at the gym / for workout?

Personally I can't imagine wearing any other kind than thongs for working out, but I was wondering how the rest of you girls feel about comfort and looks when it comes to what panties are best for the gym / for working out. Please explain your choice!
  • Sports-thongs that are especially for workout / sports
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  • Thongs that I also wear as my usual underwear
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  • Normal cut sports-panties that are especially for workout / sports
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  • Normal cut panties that I also wear as my usual underwear
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  • Other (please describe)
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Ok, so normal THONGS win!


Most Helpful Girl

  • I wear thongs because I really hate when you can see your panty line, especially while working out because that requires movement, bending, squatting,etc. When I'm forced to go to the gym with friends or family member, I sometimes (barely) wear boy shorts when it's the day of the month, but I usually don't workout at gym because I feel uncomfortable.


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What Guys Said 1

  • we have a small home gym..and my girlfriend literally works out just in a thong and sporta bra..normal thong..

    • Well when I work out at home I do the same. Though I wear some muscle shirt or something like that to the thong and usually legwarmers too.

    • yeha I asked her why she said she feels much sexier and that gives her way more motivation..also she can see her muscles working way better than clothes on...

What Girls Said 5

  • When I work out I do wear thongs and g-strings, I'm jot going to go out and buy special underwear to work out in lol :) I just wear regular old normal day stuff. It's not uncomfortable or anything.

    • Yeah me too. But do you agree tha thong panties feel way more comfortable during workout than normal panties?

    • Yeah, because then nothing rides up. Except the pants

  • It depends on the pants I wear. If its cotton material then a thong, otherwise its boy shorts. I've found that certain underwear are more comfy with certain types of workout pants.

  • i just wear my same old comfy thongs that I always wear. I tried some of the "sport" thongs from like nike but they were never my favorites. my everyday undies are what I wear to work out. Its convenient and cheap :)

  • Well I go to an all-women's gym so I don't really care what I look like. Answer is cotton panties for comfort.

  • I love panty lines and my fullback cotton panties


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